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What will be the cost of my project?

In a nut shell here is what you should expect to be paying for your construction project; Please remember that these are round numbers and are listed to give our prospective clients a general expectation of project cost. Before you decide that a project is out of your means schedule a project consultation with us today and we can tailor your project to fit most budgetary needs.

The Construction itself; this typically includes project management fees, the cost of materials and sub-contracted work. Remember scope of work is the largest contributing factor to your building costs.

Everything that isn't a hard cost falls into the category of soft costs. This includes, but should not be limited to: the land cost (for a new site), financing, structural and engineer fees, permit fees, architectural fees and other professional services.

The short answer is “Yes.” We always recommend that a permit is acquired if the project scope warrants one. But upon meeting with a prospective client and determining your needs, from there we can more accurately determine if a permit is necessary. But be prepared to accommodate any local building code requirements that are specific to your project.

Commercial Tenant Finish/ Improvement price range will average from the low to high end, between $30-$50 per square foot. But again as with any construction project scope of work will be the largest determining factor. Specific project requirements and finishes will have a large impact on price per square foot. Ground up projects will vary from $200 per square foot depending on the type and size of the project. If you have a specialized project type such as medical offices, dentist offices, biotech labs, restaurants, you should expect to have a more expensive construction cost per square foot than a standard office tenant finish/ improvement or grounds up project.

As a general rule, you should expect the project to be at around of $200 per square feet for new construction and your cost can go up based on types of finishes and the complexity of the project. But this is an “average” cost for new custom residential projects in Colorado.

Remodel cost will vary greatly, again the largest determining factor will be scope of work; i.e. your cost will reflect the scale of the project. Naturally, simple cosmetic changes (adding a deck or, small bathroom remodel) will be far less than “down to the studs” rehabilitation. It is always recommended to meet with us to discuss your project requirements to ascertain a project budget. Large remodeling/ addition projects usually cost same as new construction or might even be more expensive due to unforeseen conditions that might be discovered during construction. Expect to pay an average $200 per square foot for a large remodel or addition in Colorado. The cost will be dictated by the complexity of the project and how the remodel/ addition is integrated into the existing home.

One of the most common questions clients will ask while building or remodeling their new office/ home “Should we hire an architect or a designer for our project?” For most small projects, such as enlarging a window opening or removing a non-bearing wall, the answer is no. Thal Construction and the client/ home owner can handle both the design and construction end. But for commercial buildings, tenant finish/ improvements, large additions, whole-house renovations and new kitchens, consider working with a design professional. This helps ensure that everyone understands what the project expectations will be and can greatly shorten the project duration. In addition most commercial/ large residential projects will require professionally stamped architectural and engineered construction documents to be submitted to the city along with your application for a building permit. Thal Construction works with and has many excellent architects and engineers we can recommend to suit your individual needs.

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